The Rotary Club of Utica adopted the annual Quiet Giver Award in 2004. With the exception of 2011, the award has been given to worthy Rotarians since.

At the end of each year Utica Rotary confers its Quiet Giver Award to one or more club members. The award was intended for those who've been active in club programs and projects, have good attendance, and haven't been elected to high office in the club.  In 2013 the award was expanded to include honoring those with quiet service beyond high office.   

The Quiet Giver Award seeks to recognize those Utica Rotarians who make significant contributions to the success of Rotary and to the Community and who do so unselfishly and with humility placing service above self.


2023           Tom Webb
2022           Jerry Kraus
2021           Devon Hoffman
2020           Michelle Brandstadt
2020           Roxanne Mutchler
2019           Israel Acosta
2019           Tina Pavlot
2019           Robert Stronach
2018           Jennifer DePasquale
2018           Karen Six
2018           Stephen Turnbull
2017           Deb Burke
2017           Steve Gannon
2017           Maria Pavelock
2016           Bill Luley
2016           Dan Murphy
2016           Amy White
2015           Dave Bagley
2015           Natalie Brown
2015           Linda Iannone
2014           Tim Bozer
2014           Brymer Humphreys
2014           Jim Turnbull
2013           Dana Jerrard
2013           Jack Howard
2013           Mark Foresti
2013           Sandy Soroka
2013           Roger Breslow
2012           Catherine McEnroe
2012           Jill Koch
2011           no quiet giver program
2010           Fran Pugliese
2010           JoElyn Wakefield Wright
2009           Norma Montagnino-Gemza
2009           Jeff Jones
2009           Jim Day
2009           Nick Ide
2008           Rick Holohan
2008           Bob Mortis
2008           Sam Rudolph
2008           Gib Jones
2007           Linda Allen
2007           Sahwki Elgarhi
2007           Chuck Kershner
2007           Dave Shumway
2006           Mary Lou (Caskey) Reape
2006           Andy Alesia
2006           Mitzi Reul
2006           Rev. Paul Drobin
2005           Jack Altdoerffer
2005           Bill Waszkiewicz
2005           Greg Benincasa
2005           Michael VanStrander
2004           Dominic Passalacqua
2004           Jack Rosen
2004           Louis Steppello
2004           Angela VanDerhoof