Posted by Michelle Brandstadt on Mar 07, 2020
Here is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 3/5/20
Leading in Song: David Bagley
Invocation: Darby O’Brien
Visitors: Jack Altdoerffer
  • Lizzy Martin – Baldwinsville Rotary Club
  • Dr. Herb Sipp – North Utica-Whitestown Rotary Club
  • Nina Fellone (senior), Holly Simon (senior) – New York Mills High School
50-50 Winner: David Hamlin
Rotarians in the News: Dr. Roger Breslow
  • Phil Bean, Elizabeth Nassar, Rick Synek
Rotarian of the Month: Tina Pavlot
Pictured: P Joe Caruso, Tina Pavlot
Outstanding Educators Awards Program
Jessica Merrill introduced New York Mills senior Holly Simon. Holly indicated her interest in pursuing a career in cybersecurity is due to her father, who is in the same field. Holly’s activities include Student Council Class Vice President, volleyball, track, Yearbook Club, National Honor Society, and NYSCLSA Leadership Conference. She volunteers for the St. Luke’s Christmas Party, fall and spring cleanups, and the school’s craft fair.
Pictured: Nina Fellone and Holly Simon
What Have You Done to Make Rotary Proud:
  • P Joe gave a presentation on the history of Rotary International and Rotary Club of Utica and the accomplishments that both have made throughout the years
Israel Acosta and Heather Beebe led an interactive brainstorming meeting for new ideas regarding fundraising, projects and membership. The discussion was aided by ideas presented by Lizzy Martin, Baldwinsville Rotary Club President, and District 7150 Public Image Chair.
Next week’s program:  U.S. Census