Posted by Michelle Brandstadt on Jan 31, 2020
Here is what you missed at this week's meeting!
Meeting Recap 1/30/20
Reception Desk: Joann Longo & Bob Dellecese
Leading in Song: Dana Jerrard
Invocation: Heather Beebe
Visitors: Deb Burke
  • Peter Michel – guest of Chuck Tomaselli (New Hartford Rotary Club)
  • Dr. Herb Sipp – North Utica-Whitestown Rotary Club
  • Janet Richmond & Richard Whippo – guests of Michelle Brandstadt
  • Jeff Gornick – New Hartford Rotary Club
50-50 Winner: Jack Altdoerffer (yes, again)
Rotarians in the News: Roger Breslow
  • Utica OD: Roxanne Mutchler, panelist at Genesis Group Legislative Forum
  • Planning meeting for the club’s Gala in June; 1/30 at 5:30 p.m.
  • Next meeting is off-site at Thea Bowman House , 309 Genesee St.
  • Super Saturday Rotary Training; 2/8 at 7:30 a.m.
  • 2/13 meeting will feature Tom Deuson speaking about ShelterBox
  • 2/19 (Wednesday); joint meeting with New Hartford Rotary Club; Congressman Anthony Brindisi speaking
  • 2/22 District Gala: for more information go to District Gala Information and Registration 
  • 2/23 Utica City Football Club at 2 p.m.; tickets are $30 (includes food); see Tina Pavlot to purchase
What Have You Done to Make Rotary Proud:
  • Stephen Turnbull was named Rotarian of the Month for his effort in bringing new members to the club—three this month! Congratulations!
  • The Programs Committee can use new ideas for programs; please see Israel Acosta with suggestions
  • Rotaract Program Chair Dominic Passalaqua shared that a Rotaract student from Utica College is interning this spring at CABVI; Jill Koch is mentoring
New Member Induction:
Stephen Turnbull introduced Devon Hoffman of Site Seekers. Welcome Devin!
Pictured: Devon Hoffman, Stephen Turnbull, P Joe Caruso
Chuck Tomaselli of the New Hartford Rotary Club talked about Rotary International’s effort on environmental sustainability, including the formation of ESRAG—Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group. ESRAG “assists Rotary clubs, districts and multi-districts in planning, implementing and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action. These projects promote environmental sustainability in all six of Rotary’s Areas of Focus.” (
Chuck spoke about originally being resigned and cynical that there was nothing he could do to make a difference but realized this was an excuse for being inactive and a betrayal to his commitment to his family, especially his grandsons. His commitment to his family became the seed for him to take action on environmental sustainability.
Chuck is on a mission to speak to every club in District 7150, issuing a call to action to each member to “make environmental sustainability an idea whose time has come in central New York.” His goals are to see that every club: learns about ESRAG, designates an ESRAG liaison, is provided with educational materials, forms an ESRAG group, and gets involved in a club or district ESRAG project.
To hear Chuck’s presentation, visit our club’s Facebook page. To learn more about ESRAG, go to
Pictured: Chuck Tomaselli
Next week’s program: OFFSITE at Thea Bowman House on 309 Genesee St.