Posted by Jim Day on Sep 06, 2019
This is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting at the Utica Zoo!
Meeting recap  9/5/19
Leading us in Song:  Everyone
Opening Benediction: Norma 
Visitors and guests by Jack Altdoerffer:  None!   No, wait.....Steve Karbowski, who did not sign in, from North Utica/Whitestown Rotary Club.
50/50 winner:  Ralph Immundo
Rotarians in the news:  Dr. Roger Breslow was away so no report from him, although President Joe did mention that Max's Print Shop, who's ad was in the OD, did participate in a special back-to-school program with the Rotary Club of Utica.  Thanks to Michelle Brandstadt.
Larry Callabrese, who is in the Sitrin home, will be moving to Preswick Glen soon.
Jim Turnbull having surgery today on his foot.  
PP Lou Steppello asked for a show of hands of everyone wearing a Rotary Pin.  He donated $10 big ones for the ten hand raises.
Jerry Kraus reminded everyone to submit their applications for the Pride of Workmanship Awards program for October 17 at the Yahnundasis.  Deadline for applications:9/19/19.
Today's Program:
Today we had our meeting at the Utica Zoo under the Rotary Club of Utica Pavilion.  Jack Altdoerffer and Dom Passalacqua both gave a bit of history of when and how this pavilion was accomplished by the Rotary Club along with members of the community.
Lunch Entertainment was provided by:  The White Gibbons.
Our Guest speaker was Utica Rotarian Mark Simon.  Mark gave us a brief description of the work being done by the New York State Power Authority who are constructing a Utica Visitors Viewing site adjacent to the Zoo.
Other highlights from Mark's presentation:
-The new White Gibbon Exhibit  
-The birth of the Red Panda Cubs and the plans for a new Red Panda exhibit
-The new Spider Monkey Exhibit
-The biggest fundraisers for the Zoo, Brewfest and Wine in the Wilderness, were both record breakers this year!
-Upcoming events:  Wild Life Festival on September 14;  Harvest Season/Spooktacular on October 19-20;  and a new event this year,Bourbon & Blues set for September 26.
Mark also talked about the process of accreditation that the Zoo accomplished and the Animal Heroes Program where community members can provide for zoo animals on a monthly basis. 
What events can be planned at the Utica Zoo?  Have your wedding reception, your birthday party, your corporate party and events.  Almost anything you can plan can happen at the Utica Zoo!
Reminder:  October 8 is Utica Zoo Volunteer Project Day.  5 PM. You can view Mark's presentation on RCU's Facebook page (click here).
Next Week's Program: Utica College Roteract.   
Submitted by Jim Day
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