Posted by Michelle Brandstadt on Sep 28, 2019
Here is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 9/26/19
Reception Desk: Karen Six & Jill Koch
Leading in Song: David Bagley
Invocation: Heather Beebe
Janice Rabbia – guest of P Joe Caruso
Mary Murray – guest of Mary Jo Foresti
50-50 Winner: Roger Breslow
Free Tickets to Chairity: Mary Murray
Rotarians in the News: Roger Breslow
  • Tina Pavlot, Phil Bean, Jerry Kraus, Heather Beebe, Rick Synek
  • President Joe welcomed back Jim Turnbull (foot surgery recovery) and Steve Gannon (car accident)
  • Larry Calabrese is at St. Luke’s Hospital
  • Maria Pavlok announced that New York State now has early voting; she reported on the date, times and location for early voting sites in Oneida County (click here for details:
  • Travis Rabbers reported on out new Youth Exchange student, Felix from Germany. Felix is at Clinton High School, is playing soccer and has been accepted as a member of the Hamilton College Orchestra.
  • Five Rotarians will be attending the Leadership Conference on Saturday at VVS
Thursday’s program was held at Sculpture Space in Utica. President Joe introduced Tom Montan, executive director of Sculpture Space for the past three years. Mr. Montan talked about the history of Sculpture Space, now in its 43rd year, and the 30th annual art auction fundraiser CHAIRity, to be held September 28, 2019. He also introduced Charlie Fisher, a founding member of Sculpture Space and current board member, and Aimee Tarasek, a former artist resident and current board member.
Each year, Sculpture Space provides 25 artists, five to six at a time, a space to live and work for two months. During these two months, artists can focus on creating their art, free from stress and able to utilize the large space and tools provided by Sculpture Space. Over the 43 years, Sculpture Space has welcomed over 600 artists from all over the world.
You can view the entire presentation at our Facebook page (
Pictured: Tom Montan, Executive Director, and Charlie Fisher, Board Member
Next week’s program: Offsite at thINCubator, 326 Broad Street, Utica, NY  13501. Chris Cochrane of the newly-formed Innovation Collective: Utica will present.