Posted by Jim Day on Nov 25, 2019
Here is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap  11/21/19
Leading us in Song:  PP  Dana Jerrard and DG in waiting.
Opening Benediction: Heather Beebe
Visitors and guests by Jerry Kraus; Kelly Furmanski, guest of Steve Turnbull.  Barbara Shumway, wife of our speaker, and it was also noted that our Exchange Student, Felix was also in attendance.
50/50 winner:  Your scribe for the!
Rotarians in the news with Dr. Roger Breslow: 
Before the Dr's presentation of "Rotarians in the News"  he told DGE Dana that he didn't know the words to the song for beans.  And here is how it goes:   oops.......I didn't get all that.  Anyway, on Facebook, the good Doctor saw this:  That Linda Iannone had met up with Rodney Marsalis, drinks, dinner,  photo op.....
and that Mary Lou-you-know-who had this famous quote: "No matter how cold it is down here, people are sleeping with their fans on".
Thank you Dr. Breslow.
  • Jill Koch has a sign up sheet for Thanksgiving Day Food delivery volunteers.
  • Amy White mentioned the date for our Annual Special Needs Holiday Party and volunteers are still needed to help with all the wonderful details for evening.  
  • Steve Karboski of N. Utica-Whitestown Rotary was selling raffle tickets "win a wagon full of booze!" for their Trivia Night on Friday December 2 at the Elks Lodge, to benefit Hospice.  Steve also reminded us of the Rotary Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 17th at Aqua Vino.
  • Our monthly mixup will be held tonight at the Delta Hotel's Shade Bar and Grill at 5 PM.
  • Our monthly board meeting will be held tomorrow, Friday at 1 PM at the Fort Schuyler Club.
Today's Program:
Today we heard from Daniel Shumway of Newport, who was introduced by beer sommelier Jerry Kraus.  Dan is a local author who has written several books on the history of local breweries in and around Central New York and especially the Breweries of Utica. Dan was accompanied by his wife, Barbara and brought a great display of antique cans and bottles.  A very interesting program!  Thanks to our Rotary program committee!
Next Week's Program: Thanksgiving program.  On December 5th Felix, our exchange student from Germany will be our guest speaker.
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