Posted by Tina Pavlot on Jun 28, 2019
Here is what you missed at this week’s Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 6/27/19       
  • Guy Hunter – 1997 exchange student from London, England
  • Marie Masca – guest of Kristine Theodorakos
  • Jim Day welcomed our 2019 Rotary Youth Leadership Award Student, Danielle Cresci from Notre Dame and her guidance counselor Emily Swancott
Rotarians in the News:
  • PP Don Kenderdine recently passed away
  • Eve Van De Wal was mentioned in the OD as a Community Foundation volunteer Board of Trustees member
  • Our club was mentioned for its cleanup efforts at Kopernik Park and the Adopt-A-Highway program
  • The monthly meet up at Gerber’s Tavern last night was well attended.
  • The Adrean Terrace Summer Breakfast Program starts Monday, July 1, from 8-9 a.m. Details and sign-up are available on our website at
  • See Bill Luley to sign up to march the 4th of July Parade with The Genesis Group and you may find yourself on the big screen.
  • See Mary Joan for your boilermaker volunteer t-shirt. She will have them again at the next meeting July 11th.
  • The Tour de Cure held on July 21 in Verona Beach is looking for volunteers. See David Bagley for details.
  • Beginning July 21 there will be several Rotary service trips to Guatemala to fight against poverty and illiteracy. There will be seven (7) trips in all throughout 2019-20. See Joe Caruso or David Bagley for more details.
  • Monday, August 19, we will be assisting with the Levitt AMP Music Concert setup and cleanup at Kopernik Park. Details to follow.
  • In October there will be a project fair in Liberia, West Africa. See David Bagley for details.
  • Dominic Passalacqua gave us an update that his granddaughter is doing well!
Program: President David addressed the group for the last time. He thanked Karen Six and Darby O’Brien along with Amy White. Also, his Sargent in arms David Jones, Bill Luley, Jim Day, Brymer Humphreys, Deb Burke, Bart Gorman, Heather Beebe. He thanked PP Jill Koch and the willing PE Joe Caruso. He thanked Israel Acosta for the wonderful programs throughout the year and Bob Stronach and Michelle Brandstadt for their involvement with the website. He thanked the numerous committees and chairs as there are too many to list individually. He thanked his Board of Directors and volunteers. He thanked those who faithfully attend meetings, noting Bob Dellecese and JoAnn Longo. He thanked the Yahnundasis for their hospitality. He thanked all members and the many service projects, awards and social events they’ve planned and attended. He urged future member attendance, involvement, individual contact and contributions to the service fund. He also suggested a yearly fundraiser. He signed off stating “It’s been an honor to serve”.
Next week’s program: There will be no meeting July 4th, enjoy our Independence Day. We return July 11th in which President Joe Caruso will address the club.