Posted by Michelle Brandstadt on Jul 19, 2019
Here is what you missed at this week’s Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 7/18/19
The introduction should really read—Here’s what you and I missed at this week’s Rotary Meeting! My apologies to readers this week as I fell short on my recap duties and missed taking notes for the beginning of the meeting. Special thanks to Bart Gorman for attempting to help me in this task by videotaping the beginning, but I failed to set him up properly (i.e., I did not hit start on my phone—aargh!).
50-50 Winner: This week’s payout was a whopping $32! Congratulations winner! (Yes, I missed that too.)
More apologies, more aarghs! We had a slew of visitors but I can’t read some of the names. Rather than butcher people’s name I’ll just say we had approximately 15 visitors. Many were from area Rotary clubs—North Utica-Whitestown, New Hartford, Sauquoit (DG Randy Wilson and Jan Wilson), and Greater Utica Sunrise—as well as few guests of Rotary Club of Utica members who Shared Rotary!
Rotarians in the News:
Big AARGH here as I can’t share everyone’s favorite reporter Roger Breslow’s Rotarian in the News due to technical difficulties (hitting the start button is pretty technical, just saying).
  • President Joe shared his “What has Rotary done to make you proud” segment. He highlighted the past week’s efforts by 38 Rotarians and friends at the Boilermaker water station and the weekly volunteers serving breakfast at Adrean Terrace. He also shared a post on our Facebook page noting that Rotary contributes 45 million volunteer hours per year worth $850M! (Thanks to Tina Pavlot for keeping our Facebook page updated!)
  • Stephen Turnbull introduced new club member Joann Fornino. Joann is VP of Public Relations of Casa Imports, sits on the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce membership committee and United Way events committee. She also volunteers for Abraham House and the Landmark Society.
  • Norma Montagnino-Gemza gave a report on PDG/PP Larry Calabrese, who is currently in rehab at Masonic Care Community-Troy Rehab. Norma said he’s doing well and is scheduled to go home this coming Tuesday.
This week’s program was on the U.S.A. Blind Hockey Team and its involvement with the Central Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI). Jim Turnbull introduced Kathy Beaver, Vice President of Rehabilitation for CABVI, who spoke about how CABVI came to be involved with the U.S.A. Blind Hockey Team. She then introduced the team’s head coach and general manager, Mike Svac, who spoke about the team’s inception and quick growth. Two members of the team, Tim Kane and Blake Stanecke, also spoke about their experiences becoming visually impaired and becoming members of the team.
You can listen to Coach Mike’s, Tim’s, and Blake’s inspiring stories at our Facebook page (click here to listen).
Next week’s program: Boating Safety presented by Bob Stronach.