Posted by Jill Koch on Feb 29, 2020
Here is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 02/13/20
  • David Edelstein
  • Herb Sipp, member of a fellow Rotary Club
  • Lanae Klingensmith guest of Israel
Rotarians in the News:
  • Roxanne Mutchler
  • Kevin Marken – On Point for College
  • Rich Synek – Feed our Vets
  • John Burdick is doing well hopes to be back to a meeting in a few weeks
  • Jim Day is much better after a detached retina
  • Darby and Heather both board members for Thea Bowman house attended Thea Bowman day event
  • New member introduction for Dan Williams done by Stephen Turnbull
  • Israel / Travis / Deb and Jerry are looking for your ideas for a Rotary weekly program
Shelter Box presented by Tom Delson of the Watertown Rotary.  Shelter Box has items included that can provide a makeshift home for those who are displaced from their homes from natural disasters and conflicts.  It is a place for people to call home while they rebuild their live.  A shelter box includes a large tent big enough for 10 people, water filter system, utensils, cook ware and ground cloth.  This project was started in 2000 and has helped 1.5 million people.  Most of the funding for shelter box comes from individual Rotary clubs around the world.  For more information, to donate or volunteer visit
Next Week’s Program: Congressman Brindisi, meeting will be held on Wednesday Feb 19